High-Speed Video

We capture high-speed images of
events that happen too fast for the eye
to see supporting all industries including
motion picture.
Camera Rental

Call to rent a high-speed video color
camera by the day, week or month.  
Camera operator is available with rental.
Motion Analysis

We perform motion analysis on video or
still images from any camera providing
engineering data in one, two or three
ProAnalyst Support and Training

We provide technical support and
training for motion analysis using
ProAnalyst state-of-the-art motion
analysis software by Xcitex.
Synchronize Video & Sensor Data

We synchronize video images and data
from sensors such as accelerometers,
load cells, etc.
Laser Marking and Engraving
With California Lasers Intellimark II fiber

We provide custom, high-speed laser
marking with crisp, clean detail.

Heat, Scribe and Deep marking modes.
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