Camera Rental
For any application requiring the ultimate in
resolving power and speed, when space and
cost are less important than the final image,
the Y-Series is IDT's answer. IDT's flagship
Y-Series cameras boast speeds twice as fast
as the smaller bodies without any reduction
in resolution or light sensitivity, and in a soon
to be released model, with improved

Getting the most out of it's 4 megapixel Orion
II sensor was IDT's success in creating the
Y5. Setting the region of interest to its
maximum to gather data from each pixel in
the 2336 x 1728 array will nonetheless net
speeds up to 730 frames per second,
allowing super slow motion footage and
maximum coverage to pick the perfect frame
in post.
MotionPro Y5
Y5 Key Features
Max FPS @ Max Res
730 fps @ 2336 x 1728
Plus Mode
1200 fps @ 2336 x 1728
MAX Record Time @ MAX fps @ MAX Resolution
*Memory 1.25 GB
*Memory 2.5 GB
*Memory 5 GB
Memory 8 GB
4.025 sec 2820 Frames
Memory 16 GB
8.05 sec 5641 Frames
Max Frame Rate
69,000 fps @ 2336 x 16
Minimum Exposure Time
Sensitivity ASA
3000 ISO Mono 1000 ISO Color
Power Requirements
minimum 12V , 6.5 A
Operating Temperature
-30-50 °C/-22-122 °F
Memory / DRAM
Internal RAM 8GB or 16 GB
Quantum Efficiency
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