Laser Marking
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Analysis of Motion provides laser engraving
services for cinema and other lens and
optical devices.

Footage, iris and zoom scales are engraved
with pinpoint accuracy to apply sharp, brilliant
white marks and may also be deep engraved
to allow painting where color is desired.
In addition to scales, logos may be engraved
around the circumference of a lens.
Due to the delicate nature of lenses, it is
recommended that all parts to be engraved
are removed from the lens in order to avoid
potential for scratching optics or otherwise
causing damage.  We can recommend
facilities that specialize in lens repair to
remove and replace the parts.
Laser engraving is available for all metals and some plastics.  Marking capabilities
include bright and dark marks on aluminum.  In addition to bright and dark marks,
various colored marks are available on stainless steel and titanium.
Gradient marks and photographs are also possible on anodized aluminum.