Analysis of Motion provides computerized motion analysis to
capture information on events that occur too quickly for the eye to
see.  Motion analysis for a wide range of fields including research
and development, medical, biology, physical therapy, sports,
military, aerospace, automotive and manufacturing is performed on
video and still images using ProAnalyst, state-of-the-art motion
analysis software.  Motion analysis in one, two and three
dimensions is available along with synchronization of video and
sensor data.  
Analysis of Motion provides
motion analysis of video or image
sequences acquired from any
digital video camera

High-speed video services are
available to support all industries,
sports and motion picture.

Custom laser engraving service
is also available using
state-of-the-art fiber lasers.

Marking modes include heat
marks, scribe marks and deep
marks.  For bright, razor sharp
marks on plated or bare metals
and plastics,
Analysis of Motion
will meet your needs.
Analysis of Motion
Analysis of Motion
For high-speed video, motion analysis,
data acquisition
, and custom laser marking
services.  Call (805) 624-1086 or email for more
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